The term ASMR means “autonomous sensory meridian response” and refers to a pleasant tingling sensation in the back of the head that some people may experience in response to sound, visual or other stimuli.

Although the effect of ASMR is often referred to as “braingasm,” there is nothing sexual about such videos: ASMR-sensitive people watch them to relax, calm down, or get rid of sleeping problems. We have found a bunch of YouTube channels that will help you do the same.

1. Gentle Whispering AMR

The Gentle Whispering account is run by Maria, who is rightfully considered the queen of the genre. Almost a million subscribers are the best proof.

2. fastASMR

For maximum effect, you better watch the video in headphones since it features surround sound. Like many ASMR artists, the girl records audio on a microphone, which looks like a cylinder with two ears. With its help, the sensations are as close to reality as possible.

3. ASMRrequests

Ally came up with ASMRrequests after jokingly recording an ASMR video for her boyfriend. He liked it so much that she decided to try making such videos for other people as well. Ally says that she was not ASMR-sensitive at first, but gradually she learned to experience these sensations. So, if now you do not feel a slight tingling sensation and calmly react to various triggers, this still does not mean anything.

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4. ALB in whisperland ASMR

This channel features not so many videos, but all of them are made incredibly delicately: the creator of the channel flips through books, colors illustrations, unpacks delivery boxes and cooks, commenting on her actions in whispers. Sometimes she appears as Morticia Addams – naturally, also in the ASMR genre.

5. Made In France ASMR

The channel has videos in English and French, although, in many videos, the author does not say anything. For example, the author has a whole playlist dedicated to objects and sounds they make, for example, matches that are extinguished in water.

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6. Emojoie Cuisine

The Emojoie Cuisine channel also offers to combine usefulness with pleasure. These are videos with step-by-step recipes, the sound of which is recorded in the spirit of ASMR: you can hear how cheesecake cookies are pounded, how sugar is poured into a bowl, how ingredients are mixed, or how the mixture boils on the stove.

7. Bob Ross

The heyday of the career of TV presenter Bob Ross was at a time when the concept of ASMR did not yet exist, but it was he who contributed to its appearance. The artist speaks not too quietly, but in a calm and measured voice. Moreover, he deliberately mixes paints loudly and runs a brush across the canvas – this is quite an ASMR.