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BlackBerry With Physical Qwerty Keyboard Will Come Back in 2021

The Canadian giant signed an agreement with OnwardMobility, which acquired the BlackBerry brand's rights. OnwardMobility has already announced a smartphone running on Android with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

Say Goodbye to BlackBerry: The BlackBerry Brand Is Leaving the Smartphone Market

Due to the expiration of the license from BlackBerry Limited, which gave TCL the right to develop its BlackBerry devices, the company will no longer produce any products.

The Vision-S: Sony Unveils an Electric Car Concept at CES 2020

There’s still no information on whether Sony plans to take the product to market or not. The Vision-S concept might only be a model for showing mobility developments.

Chinese Creators Unveiled Triple Folding Smartphone

When it’s half-opened, the shape resembles the letter Z. And when the device is folded, it’s quite thick and unlikely to fit some pockets.

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