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Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that allows electronic devices like smartphones, loudspeakers, or computers to connect and interact with each other without the need to use cables. What lets devices in close proximity exchange data are small Bluetooth modules embedded in their chips.

Razer Reveals New Wireless Pikachu Earbuds in a Pokéball Charging Case

Razer has officially announced the new Pikachu True Wireless Earbuds. It resembles yellow AirPods with an emblem of Pikachu on the back, but the charging case is made in the form of a Pokéball and opens by pressing a button.

The Best for the Brightest: Apple to Release the New 16-Inch MacBook Pro

Apple has finally introduced its new 16-inch MacBook Pro. The Cupertino company calls it “The best for the brightest” as the new model is so powerful that it would be an ideal option for creators.

Xiaomi Shared Details of Mi Watch with eSIM and NFC. An Apple Watch Competitor?

A small smartphone on your wrist. All the handy sought-after tools are already integrated.

Cyber Monday 2019 Deals: What to Expect

Do we need an additional holiday with discounts besides Black Friday? Of course we do! Cyber Monday pleasant discounts are what we are waiting for.

The Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane Raised More Than a Million Dollars on Kickstarter

Toy paper airplane startup from Israeli inventor Goitein hit the mark and overstepped the amount he needs to launch the project. Simple and well-loved idea can be a bestseller.

Vatican Created Smart Prayer Beads

The Vatican developed smart prayer beads with their app with access to an audio guide and content about the praying of the Rosary.

Introducing the New Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

The Nest Mini version is a second-generation device that follows its predecessor’s form factor and therefore looks almost the same. However, it has some new features that mainly concern internal upgrades.

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