Nowadays Vatican is trying to attract young people to religion and elaborate habit to pray with different ways. The new idea was to develop smart prayer beads.

“Click To Pray eRosary” is the name of the new invention. It's an interactive and wearable device for learning how to pray the rosary for peace in the world.

It is synchronized with a free app with the same name. App is available on IOS and also on Android. Via this app you can have access to an audio guide, exclusive images and personalized content about the praying of the Rosary.

The design is plain, and it's not a surprise that smart prayer beads looks like ordinary prayer beads. It consists of 10 beads, which are made from haematite and black agate. The smart-cross is designed to be a key element of prayer beads.

What's interesting? You can activate prayer beads by making the sign of the cross.That’s when an accelerometer inside senses the movement and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Besides, e-Rosary can track your activity, that's why you can wear it as the bracelet.

"Click To Pray eRosary" is packed in the box which looks like the bible and already went on sale for 110$.