The Israeli company PowerUp Toys, founded by Shai Goitein, addressed Kickstarter to raise funds for POWERUP 4.0 and suddenly gained far more funds than expected.

POWERUP 4.0 is a new version of a paper airplane, controlled by a smartphone. The project needed only $40,000, but a few days before the end of the campaign, the number of investments had already overstepped a million dollars.

It’s the fourth project of aviation enthusiast, Goitein, and the success is on its side – there are still eight days left until the end of collecting money, and the fundraising rate has already been exceeded the initial sum.

But what’s so special about the construction? It’s pretty simple. The Goitein’s airplane has the attached module connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth (up to 73 meters).

And the specifics are more complex:

  • The aircraft can fly at a speed of 36 km/h for 10 minutes without recharging.
  • The set of sensors includes the gyroscope and accelerometer, allowing to perform aerobatic maneuvering.
  • The autopilot mode, night flight mode, and flight telemetry (that would be interesting).
  • The whole set costs $49. If you wish to get supplementary table stand and 10 templates, there is a $59 set. And for $79, the aviation fans get a complete kit with two waterproof templates.

Apparently we’re looking at the new toy bestseller every adult will also wish to have. Launch the POWERUP 4.0!