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Google Ends Its Free Wi-Fi Program Station in Public Places Around the World

Google decided to close the Station program that allowed free Wi-Fi in public places around the world due to the lack of a sustainable business model to continue the development of the project.

What Would You Do for Your Mother? A Son Decided to Go Extremes After His Mom Had Failed Her Driving Test Three Times

Eat it, childfree people! A Brazilian man decided to get a driver’s license for his mom. Do you still not know what children are for?

Uber to Start Recording Audio During Rides

At a recent São Paulo event, Uber has announced its plans to test a new audio-recording feature that is supposed to increase security.

Facebook Is Testing Function Which Conceal "Like" Number

In the nearest future, Facebook will hide the "Like" counter in the news feed. The social network want to protect users from self-censorship specifying that the number of likes can destructively influence the self-concept.