The day before yesterday, the CrowdProtocol team took part in a video conference call in Zoom, where Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a doctor who has been working in the United States for the past 16 years, shared his thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic and the way patients infected with COVID-19 should be treated.

Earlier, Dr. Zelenko shared his detailed coronavirus treatment plan based on his own experience in treating COVID-19 patients.

A Detailed Coronavirus Treatment Plan from Dr. Zelenko
We received an exclusive letter from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko again, in which he told his story and shared his COVID-19 treatment plan in detail.

We are glad to provide the key points that were discussed during the conversation.

  1. It is necessary to verify the quality of the medicine and vaccine that is being developed in China. It needs to be checked and tested in laboratories before it can be used.
  2. The President of Brazil is acquainted with Dr. Zelenko. Four weeks ago, they started using hydroxychloroquine in the treatment. As a result, the mortality rate has declined by 95%. Another study was conducted in France among 2,000 patients. The result was a 90% reduction in mortality rates. Next week, another study by Dr. Zelenko will be published. It will be based on 1,000 patients. Its results indicate a 95% reduction in mortality. There were no connections between people in Brazil, France, and the USA, so the treatment protocol works with the same efficiency.
  3. All publications that claim that using hydroxychloroquine doesn’t works are incorrect. They are based on the use of the drug among patients who are already put on ventilators, meaning that they have serious complications. Based on this information, statements about the inefficiency of the treatment protocol are made. This is a lie promoted by pharmaceutical companies. Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are very cheap drugs, and both medical and insurance businesses pursue other interests.
  4. Chloroquine phosphate is suitable for use. However, it is 4-5 times more toxic. But if there is a choice and an opportunity to find high-quality hydroxychloroquine in the future, it is worth doing it.

The Disproof of the Virologist Hendrik Streeck’s Coronavirus Research
Most of the medical community disagrees with a study of the German virologist Hendrik Streeck about minimal chances of contracting the coronavirus. Most doctors say the study is not representative.

  1. The treatment plan receives a lot of criticism because of the problems that people with arrhythmia are experiencing. According to specialists from the USA, such problems occur in 1 case out of 1,000 when using hydroxychloroquine in combination with the azithromycin antibiotic. Even if the risk of this problem is assumed at the level of 1 case per 250 for chloroquine phosphate due to its greater toxicity, there is 1 problem case for 250 cured patients. The analysis of the risk and benefit from the application of the protocol is obvious.
  2. Pregnant women can use hydroxychloroquine. A study was done among 500 pregnant women who had STDs, and a positive effect with the absence of side effects were detected.
  3. For especially severe cases, the use of plasma therapy is very effective in contrast to the use of ventilators (for which mortality rates reach 90%).
  4. There are high mortality and morbidity rates among medical staff. The higher the dose of infection, the worse the course of the disease. The use of a preventive regimen without an antibiotic is extremely important among the medical staff. Medical staff can be offered to resort to prevention voluntarily. The feedback may appear.
  5. According to the information provided by another source, there is an available miniature and easily disinfectable KardiaMobile device (it costs $89) that works with Android and iOS mobile devices. It allows you to record an ECG in 30 seconds, as well as determine arterial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia, or a normal heart rate. It can also be easily used to diagnose and eliminate this risk factor associated with arrhythmia. It will become a powerful and useful resource for doctors from various countries.

How to Cure Coronavirus: an Exclusive Letter From Dr. Zelenko to Donald Trump
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko sent a letter to Donald Trump about how to solve a global problem — how to cure coronavirus! This exclusive letter fell into our hands, and now we are sharing it with you.

To sum up, it should be noted that patients experience more serious problems in the severe stages of COVID-19 disease when they are already in the hospital. The sooner the treatment is started, the more effective the results.

We have source analytics for all of the above points and are ready to provide them. With the participation of the JMC clinic and Dr. Zelenko along with other American doctors, a global platform for doctors has been created and will soon be launched with an aim to discuss and refine the research process on the use of an effective protocol for the treatment and prevention of the novel coronavirus.

Later on, we will provide a video from the meeting.

Video Update of the Coronavirus Treatment Plan From Dr. Zelenko
We published the video update from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, in which he told his story and shared his COVID-19 treatment plan in detail.