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China is the world's most populous country in East Asia.

Tesla Launches a Microphone for In-Car Karaoke in China

A recent software update allows you to sing in a parked electric vehicle and enjoy your favorite hits. The microphone automatically pairs with the infotainment system and has several sound modes.

Chinese Authorities Fined Alibaba $2.8 Billion for Violating Antitrust Rules

The State Market Regulatory Administration imposed a fine after reviewing Alibaba's exclusive trade agreements. The regulator decided that the company did not allow sellers to trade their goods on competing platforms.

China's Tianwen-1 Probe Sent Back the First Images of Mars

It is noted that black and white images were taken at an altitude of 330 to 350 km above the surface of Mars. The pictures clearly show craters, mountain ranges, and dunes of the fourth planet from the Sun.

More Than 60 Thousand Organizations Were Hacked Due to Microsoft Software Vulnerability

Due to a vulnerability in Microsoft's Exchange Server software, hackers managed to attack more than 60,000 companies and organizations in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The incident has already been called a cybersecurity threat.

Clubhouse Tightens Security to Fix China Spying Vulnerability

According to a recent report by the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO), a vulnerability inside Clubhouse's infrastructure could make it susceptible to spying by the government of China.

Chinese Probe Tianwen-1 Successfully Entered Mars Orbit

The goal of the mission is to study the underground conditions of the planet and try to find signs of life there. The Tianwen-1 probe has a camera and tools to help it analyze local rocks and find ice.

TikTok Owner ByteDance Launched Its Own Payment Service

ByteDance acquired a payment license when it bought a payments solution provider called Wuhan Hezhong Yibao Technology in 2020. The license allows Douyin to offer payment features.

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