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China is the world's most populous country in East Asia.

TikTok Owner ByteDance Launched Its Own Payment Service

ByteDance acquired a payment license when it bought a payments solution provider called Wuhan Hezhong Yibao Technology in 2020. The license allows Douyin to offer payment features.

Where Is Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma?

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba and Ant Group, hasn't been seen publicly in more than two months since his speech in Shanghai, where he openly criticized the country's financial policies.

Here’s Why WeChat Is So Popular, and Trump Is Afraid of It

WeChat is the most popular social media platform and mobile app in China with nearly 1.2 billion active users. In this article, we will tell you what WeChat means to the Chinese and what consequences can a possible app ban in the United States have.

India Blocks 43 More Mobile Apps, Including AliExpress

Indian authorities have blocked another 43 Chinese mobile apps, including AliExpress, for "engaging in activities prejudicial to India's sovereignty, integrity, defense, security, and public order."

China Successfully Launched a Lunar Sample Return Mission

If successful, the Chang'e 5 mission would make China the third country to retrieve rock samples from the Earth’s satellite and deliver them to our planet, after the US Apollo and the Soviet Luna missions over fifty years ago.

Singles' Day in China 2020: Tips for World Shopping Day

Singles' Day is a modern Chinese holiday dedicated to unmarried people. This day has become the main holiday of sales and discounts in the country and an analog of the American Black Friday.

Alibaba Founder's Wealth Drops $2,6 Billion After Ant Group IPO Freeze

The fortune of the richest man in China decreased by $2,6 billion in one day. His wealth fell amid the suspension of the IPO of Ant Group, a subsidiary of Alibaba.

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