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Doom is a video game series and media franchise. Doom is considered one of the pioneering first-person shooter games, introducing to IBM-compatible computers, which was debuted in 1993.

Enthusiast Managed to Run Doom on a Christmas Tree Toy

Doom now runs on a Christmas tree toy in the form of an IBM PC. The device has an LCD display of about 1 inch, and the controls are a Bluetooth keyboard paired with a wireless mouse or a game controller.

Reddit User Played Doom Using a Rotary Phone as a Gamepad

The video's author demonstrated the process of playing Doom using a rotary phone as a gamepad but noted that remapping the rotary phone keys for Doom was an "awful experience."

Weekly Fun: Dolphin Robot, New Moon Exploration Rules, and Doom on a Calculator

This week’s stories feature a realistic dolphin robot, the end of the career of a comedian who filmed "anti-porn" for Pornhub, and a blogger who runs Doom on a calculator.

Doom Eternal Runs on a Samsung Smart Refrigerator

Instagram user installed the Android version of the Xbox Game Pass app on a smart fridge and then launched Doom Eternal on its screen, using the xCloud streaming service's capabilities.

Programmer Runs 1993's Doom on a Pregnancy Test

Programmers run the Doom game on various unordinary devices like Apple Watch, Apple TV, Touch Bar on MacBook Pro, in Minecraft, on a microwave, and even on a 1998 Kodak DC260 camera.

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