Unusual ways to run the Doom game continue to be born. One of the SpritesMods enthusiasts created and 3D-printed a vintage Christmas tree toy capable of running the legendary 1993 shooter.

The tiny toy looks like a beige IBM PC from the 1980s and features an ESP32-C2-Wrover-02 microcontroller as well as an I2S audio amplifier and a small speaker for music, a tiny lithium-ion battery, and a USB charging port. The speaker is small but quite capable of providing music during the game.

Programmer Runs 1993′s Doom on a Pregnancy Test
Programmers run the Doom game on various unordinary devices like Apple Watch, Apple TV, Touch Bar on MacBook Pro, in Minecraft, on a microwave, and even on a 1998 Kodak DC260 camera.

To control the game, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard and a wireless mouse or a game controller – if you can see something on the 0.96-inch LCD display.

Naturally, there is not enough memory to run a full version of Doom, so the enthusiast used the GBA Doom Port – is a special version of the game, optimized for gadgets with little memory.

Reddit User Played Doom Using a Rotary Phone as a Gamepad
The video’s author demonstrated the process of playing Doom using a rotary phone as a gamepad but noted that remapping the rotary phone keys for Doom was an “awful experience.”

The model of the toy can be found on GitHub. The author talked about the development in detail here.