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A realistic dolphin robot was introduced in the USA

The American engineering company Edge Innovations has unveiled its latest development – a dolphin robot that looks like a real one and performs the same tricks as an ordinary dolphin. Edge Innovations hopes to replace all the real dolphins in theme parks and dolphinariums with their robots one day.

NASA has banned littering and fighting on the moon

NASA has published new rules for the Artemis program for the exploration of the moon

Here are the new rules for visiting the moon:

  • Everyone comes in peace.
  • Secrecy is prohibited, all launched objects must be identified and registered.
  • All travel participants agree to help each other in case of emergencies.
  • All received data is transferred to the rest of the participants, and space systems must be universal.
  • Historic sites must be preserved, and all rubbish must be disposed of.
  • Rovers and spacecraft should not interfere with other participants.

The comedian who filmed "anti-porn" for Pornhub announced about ending his career

Ryan Creamer became famous for his "anti-porn" videos, in which he played on plots from porn that did not go into the "active" phase. He wanted to create a place on Pornhub where people could take a break from pornography.

In his videos, he brought pizza "from which nothing sticks out," played a teacher who really teaches, made compliments, washed the dishes, played video games, and invited the tired viewer to take a nap on his shoulder.

During his career, he has released 83 videos and scored almost 12 million views.

A raccoon attacked a reporter correspondent right before the broadcast near the White House

In recent weeks, Washington residents have noticed more and more raccoons in the meadows near the White House. Usually, no incidents arose with them, until Joe Johns came there to film his report. It looks like the US raccoon union is showing support for Trump.

Blogger runs DOOM on a calculator powered by 200 potatoes

Doom was launched on pretty much anything you can imagine: ATM, printer, Porsche 911, and even pregnancy test. And then there was a hero who added potatoes to this list.

In fact, the potatoes acted as a power plant, and the calculator became the device the blogger played the game on. A guy named onesmallserving shared a photo of him playing Doom on a calculator on Reddit, and 200 potatoes powered the whole thing.

It looks like the guy created a perpetual motion machine. Now, in case of a zombie apocalypse, people will definitely take potatoes with them into the bunker.


  • Doom on an ATM
  • Doom on a keyboard button
  • Doom on a printer
  • Doom on a pregnancy test