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Elon Musk Shared a Render of the First Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Europe

The fourth Gigafactory for Tesla is supposed to open in 2021, near Berlin, and become the first Tesla factory in Europe.

The Disproof of the Virologist Hendrik Streeck's Coronavirus Research

Most of the medical community disagrees with a study of the German virologist Hendrik Streeck about minimal chances of contracting the coronavirus. Most doctors say the study is not representative.

IFA 2020 Canceled for the First Time Since WWII Over the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) should be canceled due to a ban by the Berlin authorities on any events for more than 5,000 people until October 24 due to the coronavirus quarantine. But IFA 2020 will be held in a new format.

Carbon Mobile Introduced the World’s First Smartphone Made of Carbon Fiber

A German company called Carbon Mobile has introduced a whole new kind of smartphone that marks the beginning of an era where customers value sustainability in their phones above other things.

Finding Christmas Spirit in Three Most Magical Cities in Europe

Three destinations where you can truly feel the Christmas spirit. Feel yourself like a part of a fairytale and plan a trip before it’s too late! Don’t spend your Christmas in front of the TV with a pizza.

Facebook Software Breakdown Impeded the Ordinary Work of the Service

The social media Facebook undergoes some system problems which have already triggered the prompt reaction of users globally.

Cybercrime Discovered by NCSC-FI. Credentials Stolen through Software

Check your firmware updates, install fresh version, and sleep well!

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