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Honor is a smartphone brand owned by Huawei Technologies.

Huawei Announces the Sale of Its Honor Phone Business

Huawei officially announced the sale of its Honor brand. Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co, a consortium of several private and public enterprises, will be the new owner of all of Honor's assets.

Huawei Sells Budget-Brand Smartphone Unit Honor for $15 Billion

Huawei wants to sell a budget-brand smartphone unit Honor. The deal may be closed as early as next Sunday. Among potential buyers of Honor, there are TCL and Xiaomi.

The Honor Play 4 Pro Smartphone Received a Temperature Sensor

One of the recently announced smartphones, the Honor Play 4 Pro, is available with an infrared temperature sensor. During the pandemic, when high fever may be a sign of COVID-19, it may be especially helpful.

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