Honor made waves at IFA 2023 with its unique concept phone, the V Purse. This foldable phone combines technology with fashion, targeting a predominantly female audience. While it's not confirmed for release yet, the concept is a bold exploration of what's possible in the world of foldable devices.

The V Purse concept takes inspiration from the Huawei Mate Xs 2 in terms of its folding mechanism and layout. However, it distinguishes itself through a fashion-forward approach, featuring interchangeable straps and chains that allow it to be carried like a handbag or purse.

What sets the V Purse apart is its outward-facing display, designed to mimic the appearance of different handbag styles. Honor has collaborated with fashion designers and artists to create unique always-on display designs. These designs not only react to touch but also respond to the phone's movement, adding a dynamic element to the accessory.

While the concept is intriguing, it also raises concerns about screen durability since the display is exposed to the outside. Typically, foldable phone screens are protected within the device, but the V Purse takes a bold approach by placing it on the outside.

Huawei once experimented with outward-facing screens in its early foldable phones but later moved to the more traditional inward-facing design. Whether the V Purse will ever see a public release remains uncertain, as concept devices often take time to materialize.