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How to Boost Your Creativity: David Bowie’s Brainstorming Technique

How did David Bowie manage to come up with such inimitable images, time and time again? In his creative process, the creator used an unusual brainstorming technique known as the “cut-up” method.

Handy Tips: How to Send Pictures in WhatsApp Without Losing Quality

Usually, when you want to share your photo masterpiece with another person, messengers shamelessly devour quality. In this article, we will tell you how to make sure that WhatsApp does not deplete photo quality.

Handy Tips: How to Recover All WhatsApp Data If You Accidentally Deleted Everything

If you accidentally deleted the WhatsApp app icon or restored your smartphone to the original factory settings and now think that all your chats are gone, don’t get discouraged. There is a chance to save the situation and retrieve everything that seems permanently lost.

Handy Tips: How to Create a Nice-Looking Poster Quickly

Creating a poster is a rather laborious and tricky process. In this article, we have collected sources of inspiration, useful generators, and tips for creating a good-looking poster that can reach and fascinate the end customer.

Handy Tips: How to Tell How Many Times Your WhatsApp Message Has Been Forwarded

Forwarding messages is a pretty handy feature. However, some messages are intended for a specific person, and you don’t want anyone else to see them. Today, we will tell you how to tell how many times you WhatsApp message has been forwarded.

Handy Tips: How to Stop WhatsApp Battery Drain on Android Devices

The developers of WhatsApp made concessions to users and added a dark mode and several options for monochromatic wallpapers. Now users can not only save battery life by making the smartphone screen consume less power, but also reduce eyestrain.

Handy Tips: How to Come up With a Wise Quote

Some people broadcast their mood on social media platforms exclusively with the help of inspiring quotes by famous people. We created an instruction with the help of which you can come up with a wise quote that the world has never seen before.

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