All beer lovers can rejoice! We've solved the beer belly problem forever. Read this article and find out about three easy steps on your way to a beer six-pack.

1. Lower the temperature in your apartment

According to a study by University College London, there is a direct relationship between the temperature in a room and your weight. Due to the significant amount of time we spend in a room with enhanced heating, the body gets used to constant thermal comfort. Thus, the time the body spends in mild thermal stress is reduced. This means that our body burns less energy, which affects body weight and obesity.

How to Prevent Weight Gain While Staying Lazy
You don’t have to exercise hard to burn those extra calories. It is enough to simply boost your metabolism, the process responsible for the absorption and processing of food.

Simply put, if you make the temperature in the office or at home a couple of degrees lower than usual, then, firstly, you will have a new argument to convince yourself that you are losing weight. Secondly, you will keep your body toned. But at night, bring the temperature to the values to which you are used to. Otherwise, the body will strenuously fight hypothermia and will not let you fall asleep.

2. Have a contrast shower

This method of losing weight is based on research results by scientists from that same University College London. Before leaving the shower, douse yourself with ice water. Fighting hypothermia, the body will work hard and burn energy. In addition, due to the temperature drop, blood flow and circulation will increase. Consequently, the digestion process will begin to take place faster.

How to Stop Feeling Hungry Quickly
We want to warn you right away that any fight against hunger, unless it is a meal, is a harmful and bad thing for your health that can cause an upset stomach and various diseases. Therefore, you should follow our advice as little as possible.

3. Drink ice-cold water

Drinking one glass of ice-cold water, you will burn 70 kcal more than when drinking room temperature water. And by the way, drink more in general. The process of splitting fats is quite toxic, and with a lack of water, the body will not even think about encroaching on fats. Eight glasses a day is your new norm.