Internet Protocol

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An IP address is a unique network address that is assigned to a device to access the Internet.

What Is a Proxy Server? A Manual for Dummies

A proxy server is basically a computer that acts as an intermediary and allows a client to make requests to other servers in the global network.

What Is DNS? A Manual for Dummies

All domain names, together with their IP addresses, were added to specialized DNS databases. The main databases are located on physical servers in the form of a hierarchical name structure.

What Is a VPN? A Manual for Dummies

A Virtual Private Network is a technology that allows you to make one or more connections over a third-party network (such as the Internet). A VPN enables multiple offices to be combined to create a single network.

How to Hide an IP Address? A Manual for Dummies

There are several ways to change an IP address. All of them have both advantages and disadvantages and are intended for different purposes.

Does Your VPN Encrypt DNS Queries? A Manual for Dummies

Research has shown that nearly 20% of VPN providers encrypt DNS queries. Most VPNs have a free and public DNS, for example, from Google and OpenDNS.

What Is a VPN Fingerprint? A Manual for Dummies

The simplest way to find out whether you are connected to a VPN service is to visit a “What Is My IP” page.

China and Huawei Offer a New Internet Protocol with the Ability to Disable Specific Addresses

China and Huawei proposed a new internet protocol that will have a better network management system than the existing TCP/IP standard. However, it seems that the new protocol has authoritarian values.

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