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Nasa’s Curiosity Mars Rover Took a Selfie on the Red Planet

NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover took a selfie in an area of the Red Planet called Mary Anning, named after the British explorer.

NASA Shared New Images of Mars Made by the Reconnaissance Orbiter

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the launch of the automatic interplanetary station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, NASA has published a selection of photographs of the Martian surface.

NASA Finally Launched Its Mars 2020 Mission With the Perseverance Rover to Mars

After landing on Mars the next year, Perseverance will begin looking for signs of ancient microbial and micro-organic life on the planet that may have existed 3.8 billion years ago in its rocks and dirt.

China Successfully Launched an Interplanetary Mission to Mars, Following the UAE

The launch marks the beginning of the seven-month journey towards Mars. Once the mission reaches the planet, China will become the second country to land and operate a rover of the Red Planet’s surface.

The UAE Successfully Sent Its First “Hope” Mission to Mars Tonight

The aim of the mission, which is known as the Emirates Mars Mission, is to provide answers to scientific questions that are left unanswered and provide data on the planet’s weather and atmosphere.

Science Digest: Snails Named After Greta Thunberg, the World’s Largest Flower, and Growing Beans on Martian Soil

This week’s digest will tell you why Greta Thunberg is now a snail, how to grow “martian” beans, where the world’s largest flower grows, and why you should not go out if there are iron clouds outside.

Hubble Space Telescope Captured an Image of a New Galaxy

Hubble discovered the galactic portal. Browse, how does the entrance to another dimension look like!

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