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Amazon Studios Acquired Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat Sequel

Amazon Studio acquired streaming rights to the sequel to Borat, the first movie made and released during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quiz: What Movie Is Your Career Like?

A quiet life at home by the computer or a horror quest? Regularity or adventure? Is your reality a whirlwind of events or a carefully planned trip? Let's check what movie your career and life are like!

What Is Today? National One-Hit Wonder Day and Will Smith's Birthday

Today is Will Smith’s birthday as well as National One-Hit Wonder Day that pays tribute to those who became famous in just a few minutes, and then "disappeared," leaving us with a catchy melody.

What Is Today? Stephen King’s Birthday

To celebrate the writer’s birthday, our team has prepared a selection of movies based on Stephen King’s books that everyone should watch.

Quiz: A Plot of a Science Fiction Movie or a Real Scientific Discovery?

Check how much you know about real scientific research and science fiction movies by choosing which of the facts of this quiz are plots of films or scientists' actual discoveries.

Quiz: How Well Do You Remember 'Pretty Woman'?

Do you consider yourself a true fan of this romantic comedy and are sure that you know everything about it and even more? Let's check with our quiz!

What Is Today? Guy Ritchie’s Birthday

Today, on September 10, one of the most fascinating and famous contemporary directors in Great Britain, Guy Ritchie, celebrates his 52nd birthday.

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