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Weekly Fun: A Concert for Plants, Meme Cartoons, and Beatboxing Squirrels

This week’s stories feature a concert help exclusively for plants, an amateur group of teenagers who create movie trailers, Kate Beckinsale as Freddie Mercury, and an otter fight for a stump.

4 Hot Summer Movies to Watch

Dreaming of summer vacation and carefree days may make you sad, so to make this process more pleasant, we prepared a list of four films for your summer inspiration.

Amazon and Westworld Creators Are Adapting the Best-Selling Video Game Franchise Fallout Into a TV Series

Amazon Studios has licensed the rights to Bethesda's Fallout franchise and, with creators of HBO's Westworld, will produce the TV series for Amazon Prime.

14 New Netflix, HBO and Hulu Series to Watch This Summer

TV series become a lifeline when you can spend as much time as possible at home. Here's our list of shows that will brighten up your evening and help you feel like you're in the movies.

Fortnite Will Host Three Christopher Nolan's Full-Length Feature Films

Fortnight repeatedly held virtual concerts. Now, Epic Games has reached the next level – the movie night. On June 26, viewers can enjoy the testing of Movie Nite at Party Royale's Big Screen with three different Christopher Nolan’s films.

Netflix Resumes 'The Witcher' Season 2 Shoot in August

On Twitter, Netflix announced that the studio would resume the shooting of The Witcher’s second season on August 17 in the U.K.

Quiz: Can You Guess The Celebrity Parents From A Photo Of Their Kids?

For sure, you’ve heard that children are a reflection of their parents. Do these famous kids look like their parents? Let’s see!

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