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Netflix Confirms It Will Launch a Shuffle Play Feature This Year

The streaming service confirmed that it will roll out the feature globally except for specifying the exact launch date, but some sources report that it may happen in the first half of 2021.

Weekly Fun: I Drew the Weeknd Meme and John Dillermand Cartoon

This week’s stories feature a new meme where people draw The Weeknd, no Donald Trump in the Home Alone 2 movie, and a Danish cartoon about the man with the longest penis in the world.

Quiz: Which Movie Character Could You Play?

Each of us has some traits that would allow us to play one of the iconic movie heroes. Take our movie quiz and find out in which genre you would look best!

5 Reasons Why 2020 Was a Horrible Year

We’ve been thinking about 2020 a lot and came up with five ideas about what was the beginning of the end, why 2020 ended up being so horrible, and why everything did not go according to plan.

What Is Today? International Cinema Day

On 28 December 1895, brothers Auguste and Loui Lumière, owners of a factory producing photographic plates, showed their first film in the Grand Café on the Boulevard de Capucines in Paris.

The Highest-Grossing Christmas Movies, According to the Forbes

On a beautiful evening of Catholic Christmas, we invite you to watch a themed film. The Forbes list contains the highest-grossing Christmas films in the history of the American box office.

Quiz: How Well Do You Remember These Classic Disney Movies?

A simple quiz about characters from popular cartoons. If you are over 9 years old, you’ve definitely seen all of them, and perhaps not even once! Therefore, it will be easy for you to pass this quiz. Or won’t it?

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