Google has unveiled its annual compilation of the most searched-for topics of the year. The search engine giant has published rankings of search queries for various categories, including games, movies, and TV series.

In 2023, Google's top searches were dominated by entertainment, with Hogwarts Legacy emerging as the most sought-after game, Barbie and Oppenheimer leading in film searches, and The Last of Us continuing its reign in TV series queries. These popular searches reflected the year's fascination with gaming, cinematic releases, and captivating storytelling on the small screen.

Google's Year in Search 2023 allows users to filter results globally or by country and categorize them by News, Games, Books, Movies, and more. While "scooped bagel" made an unexpected appearance in global Recipe searches, it seems that users relying on Google's Hum to Search feature struggled to recognize songs from Imagine Dragons.

Whether you're interested in the latest trends in games, films, or TV series or simply curious about what the world was searching for in 2023, Google's Year in Search provides a fascinating insight into the year's most sought-after topics.