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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Was Remastered to Its Tenth Anniversary

Criterion Games created the original NFS Hot Pursuit game, but the studio Stellar Entertainment Limited worked on the remaster, which improved its visual and technical components to work correctly on modern devices.

Nintendo Announces a New Kirby Fighters 2 Game

Nintendo surprisingly announced a new Kirby Fighters 2 game for the Switch, which is already available on the eShop for $19.99. The company accidentally leaked the game on Tuesday.

The 7 Most Anticipated Video Games of Summer 2020

This summer is abundant in new games and releases for various video game consoles and platforms. This season, wait to behold Death Stranding on PC, Mafia 1 Remake, and other game companies' latest products.

Steam Hit Its New Record: 24.5 Million Concurrent Users During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The number of Steam concurrent users has increased significantly since the beginning of this year. Quarantine caused by the coronavirus outbreak locked everyone at home and thus contributed to such success.

American Results of the Black Friday Online Shopping Race. The Record-Setting $7.4 Billion Been Spent

How much money can Americans spend on shopping for one day? What were the top demanded goods?

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