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Nintendo is a Japanese company specializing in creating video games and game consoles.

Nintendo Game Boy Can Now Mine Bitcoin

A popular YouTuber named Stacksmashing published a video that shows how to build your own mining farm from old game consoles. For example, from the 1989 Nintendo Game Boy.

Nintendo Announces a New Kirby Fighters 2 Game

Nintendo surprisingly announced a new Kirby Fighters 2 game for the Switch, which is already available on the eShop for $19.99. The company accidentally leaked the game on Tuesday.

Lego Will Release a $250 Full-Size Replica Set of the Original Nintendo NES

The new Lego set will allow you to assemble the Nintendo NES game console with a gamepad, cartridge, and small TV that has Super Mario Bros. set on its screen.

Bill Gates Became a Generous Reddit Secret Santa Again

Microsoft founder Bill Gates made these Christmas holidays special for one Michigan woman. As the Secret Santa on RedditGifts, he gave the woman 81 pounds of presents.

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