A popular YouTuber named Stacksmashing published a video that shows how to build your own mining farm from old game consoles. For example, the Nintendo Game Boy.

The Game Boy is a handheld console from Nintendo that came out in 1989. To be able to mine bitcoin, the programmer needed a board with a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller and a computer. The Game Boy runs the hashing program from a programmable cartridge and even plays a fun animation while it's mining.

At the same time, the very process of mining the cryptocurrency was carried out by a Sharp processor with a frequency of 4 MHz, which was installed in the Game Boy. The maximum hash rate that the authors of the video could achieve is 0.8 Hash/s. At the current bitcoin rate (about $55,000), the income from such mining will be $1 in 50,000 years.

While YouTuber's invention is not very useful, the fact that his idea works is impressive. Stacksmashing says he created an empty blockchain with less difficulty to test it, and the system did manage to hash the full block.

However, getting the handheld game console to mine the blockchain was the easy part. The harder part was getting it to connect to the internet.