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Los Angeles PORTL Company Created At-Home Hologram Machines

CEO of the PORTL company announced that they created a real-time hologram machine. It will help connect military families that haven't seen each other in months, people from opposite coasts, or anyone who is social distancing during the coronavirus quarantine.

Facebook Introduced Messenger Rooms for Video Chatting With up to 50 People During Lockdown

The company announced a new video chatting feature as Facebook’s rivals like Zoom are gaining more and more popularity amid the global pandemic.

Facebook to Pay Its Users for Their Voice Recordings

The recordings made within the app will particularly help train those speech recognition algorithms powering Portal devices.

Facebook to Create Its Own Operating System to Rely Less on Android

Facebook is developing its own operating system in order to rely less upon other tech giants such as, for example, Google, and operating systems like Android.

Facebook Introduced Viewpoints – an App That Lets You Earn Money Rewards

A couple of days ago, Facebook introduced a new app called Viewpoints. It is a mobile market research app aimed at collecting data from users to improve the company’s products.

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