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Information privacy is an aspect of data security that means protecting and proper handling of information. It includes determining what data can be shared with third parties and how it is legally collected. One can apply data privacy in multiple ways, such as data masking, encryption, and authentication. Privacy protection is crucial nowadays as it helps keep people who want to exploit your private data away from it.

Instagram Enhances Its Limits Feature to Combat Stalking and Harassment

This update is part of Instagram's ongoing efforts to offer a safer environment, particularly for teenagers, amidst rising concerns over online bullying and harassment.

ByteDance Chooses Shutdown Over Sale for TikTok in the U.S. Amid Legal Challenges

According to sources familiar with the matter, ByteDance is not considering the sale of TikTok because the algorithms central to the app's operation are deemed integral to the company’s global strategy.

Google Commits to Destroying Illegally Collected Incognito Browsing Data

Under the terms of the proposed settlement, which still requires approval from a California federal judge, Google will destroy or de-identify billions of records of web browsing data collected under the guise of private browsing.

U.S. House Passes Bill That Could Ban TikTok Over National Security Concerns

This legislation, known as "Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act," aims to safeguard American citizens from apps influenced by adversarial nations.

Apple Bolsters iMessage Security Against Future Quantum Threats

By constantly refreshing encryption keys and integrating post-quantum cryptography with existing protocols, Apple ensures that iMessage remains at the forefront of secure messaging.

Meta Implements Stricter Message Settings to Protect Teens on Facebook and Instagram

Meta is introducing enhancements to its parental supervision tools. Parents will now have the authority to approve or deny changes in default privacy settings made by their teenage children.

WhatsApp Introduces Self-Destructing Voice Messages for Added Privacy

The rollout of View Once voice messages will be global and gradual over the next few days, so keep an eye out for this valuable addition to your messaging experience.

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