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Information privacy is an aspect of data security that means protecting and proper handling of information. It includes determining what data can be shared with third parties and how it is legally collected. One can apply data privacy in multiple ways, such as data masking, encryption, and authentication. Privacy protection is crucial nowadays as it helps keep people who want to exploit your private data away from it.

Instagram's New Feature to Protect Users from Unwanted Image and Video DMs

Instagram believes that these changes will prevent users from receiving unwanted visual content from people they don't follow, and also hinder repetitive messages from strangers.

Google Will Alert Users If It Finds Their Personal Data Online

Last year, the company launched the "Results about you" tool, allowing users to easily request the removal of search results containing their phone numbers, home addresses, or email addresses.

Proton Pass End-to-End Encrypted Password Manager Is Available to Everyone

The password manager generates unique and complex passwords for users, making it easier to maintain strong security practices. With seamless synchronization across devices, users can access their login credentials whenever and wherever they need them.

WhatsApp Can Now Automatically Silence Calls from Unknown Numbers

One of the key additions is the option to silence calls from unknown numbers. Users can now enable this feature in the privacy settings, which will mute incoming calls from unfamiliar numbers.

Google Delays AI Chatbot Bard's EU Launch Over Privacy Concerns

The Irish Data Protection Commission (IDPC), the primary regulatory body overseeing data in the EU, has demanded more information from Google regarding how the generative AI chatbot safeguards privacy before granting approval for its launch.

WhatsApp's New Chat Lock Feature Lets You Lock and Hide Sensitive Chats

The new feature called Chat Lock allows users to keep individual conversations more private by locking them and placing them in specialized folders that are only accessible via biometrics or by entering a phone's password.

Usernames Are Coming to WhatsApp Soon to Enhance Privacy and Ease of Use

Today, connecting with someone on WhatsApp requires sharing phone numbers, which could sometimes lead to privacy concerns. However, with the introduction of usernames, users can add contacts and initiate conversations without exchanging phone numbers.

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