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Information privacy is an aspect of data security that means protecting and proper handling of information. It includes determining what data can be shared with third parties and how it is legally collected. One can apply data privacy in multiple ways, such as data masking, encryption, and authentication. Privacy protection is crucial nowadays as it helps keep people who want to exploit your private data away from it.

Twitter Will Start Removing and Labeling Synthetic and Manipulated Media That Pose Safety Risks

The new policy comes after Twitter announced a plan to ask its users about how they think the platform should address misleading media.

Alphabet-Owned Jigsaw Introduced a New Tool Aimed at Detecting Manipulated Pictures

The new tool is intended to help journalists and fact-checking organizations in detecting manipulated and doctored pictures. It may well come in handy during the pre-election period.

Google Phone App Had a Hidden Call Recording Feature

A hidden conversation recording feature with speech recognition has recently been discovered in the Google Phone beta – an app for calls that is preinstalled on Pixel, Android One, and European Xiaomi smartphones.

Facebook Finally Launches Clear History Tool in All Countries

Facebook finally released its “Off-Facebook Activity” tool available worldwide. With the new function, you can see the websites and apps from which Facebook has been collecting your user activity data. You are still not safe, though.

London Metropolitan Police Will Deploy Live Facial Recognition Systems

Privacy activists, politicians, data regulators, and human rights groups have raised serious concerns in relation to the facial recognition system.

Bad News: Apple Canceled End-To-End Backup Encryption. Good News: We Will Teach You How to Give up iCloud Backup

If you’re not paranoid, it doesn’t mean no one is watching you. We will teach you how to store your backups without showing the authorities photos of you wearing a swimsuit.

Microsoft Now Reviews Skype and Cortana Audio Data in “Secure Facilities”

An interview with the former employee follows a summer report that revealed the fact that Microsoft hired third-party contractors who listened to Skype and Cortana voice recordings with “no security measures.”