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Information privacy is an aspect of data security that means protecting and proper handling of information. It includes determining what data can be shared with third parties and how it is legally collected. One can apply data privacy in multiple ways, such as data masking, encryption, and authentication. Privacy protection is crucial nowadays as it helps keep people who want to exploit your private data away from it.

Developer Console for Dummies: How to Hack Messengers Quickly and Easily

In this article, we will tell you what the developer console is, how to open it in various browsers, and how to potentially use it to hack messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram.

The U.S. Congress Is Worried About Facebook's Giphy Acquisition

Facebook recently announced the purchase of Giphy animated image service. U.S. Congress opposed the deal, saying Facebook cannot buy other companies while the antitrust investigation is underway.

Twitter Will Put Warnings and Labels on Misleading COVID-19 Tweets

These labels and warning messages will provide users with additional information or context on tweets with COVID-19 misleading information.

500,000 Zoom Logins Were Sold Through an Anonymous Telegram Account

A new Zoom scandal occurred due to poor privacy. This time, 500,000 Zoom logins were leaked to a private Telegram account, and then accounts were redeemed by Cyble cybersecurity experts for $6,000.

Quiz: What Is Temp Mail?

In real life, in order not to be considered homeless, you need a residence permit, and on the Internet, you need an email address, or maybe a temporary one. And you’d better know something about it to use it safely, quickly, and anonymously. Do you know enough about temp mail? Find out in our quiz!

What Is Tor? A Manual for Dummies

Tor is a router system that serves to create an anonymous encrypted connection through a chain of proxies. It is an independent network of virtual channels, allowing you to transfer encrypted data within the network.

TikTok Launches Parental Controls With "Family Safety Mode" Feature

TikTok has launched a new "Family Safety Mode" feature for parents, which can link their children's accounts to their own, allow parents to disable the direct messages and determine how much time a kid will spend in the app.

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