Instagram has launched a new feature allowing users to stream live videos exclusively to their Close Friends list. This latest addition, dubbed "Close Friends on Live," lets users create more private and intimate live sessions, departing from the traditional public or follower-wide broadcasts. Up to three friends can join the live stream, enhancing the personal experience.

Previously, Instagram users could only broadcast live to everyone or to all their followers if their profile was private. The new feature aims to maintain privacy by limiting live streams to a selected group, ensuring that special moments stay within a trusted circle.

Screenshots with the Close Friends on Live feature
Image: Instagram

This update aligns with Instagram's ongoing efforts to provide more private modes of interaction on the platform. Users have already been able to share posts visible only to Close Friends and mute interactions from everyone except their close circle. These features are designed to reduce harassment and foster a more curated Instagram experience.

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Instagram's emphasis on private and controlled social interactions reflects a broader trend toward more personalized and secure social media usage. By allowing users to share live content only with chosen friends, Instagram hopes to appeal to those who prefer more intimate online engagements.

The new feature is now available globally, allowing users to start more private live broadcasts immediately.