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Here, you will find articles related to the public expression of objection, disapproval, or dissent towards an idea or course of action.

Protests in Thailand Led to the Blocking of Telegram

Thailand police ordered the digital ministry to restrict the Free YOUTH group on Telegram, which played a key role in organizing protests. Authorities have been unable to stop rallies, and more than 80 people have been arrested since Tuesday.

IBM and Microsoft Updated Their Language to Avoid Offensive Terms

Many tech companies, such as GitHub, Twitter, Google, Apple, and even Python and Go developers replaced insensitive terms with neutral and more socially acceptable alternative terminology. IBM and Microsoft have joined to this flash mob.

Looted Amazon Go Store Automatically Billed Seattle Protesters

One of Amazon Go stores in Seattle was attacked by looters participating in the protest. According to Reddit users, the protesters were billed for the stolen goods.

The Go Programming Language Gets Rid of "Racism" in Code

Due to mass protests against racism in the USA, many companies began to approach this problem globally and eradicate racism even in code. For example, by replacing "whitelist" and "blacklist" with "allowlist" and "blocklist."

Here’s Why Adding #BlackLivesMatter Hashtag to Blackout Tuesday Posts May Harm the Movement

The Blackout Tuesday movement helps people express solidarity and support for police brutality victims, but adding #BlackLivesMatter hashtag to posts may harm the movements because they hide vital information for activists.

Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire Livestream Postponed for Two Weeks Due to Anti-Racism Protests

CD Projekt RED made the same decision as Google, Electronic Arts, and Sony, and postponed their presentation for two weeks due to mass protests in the United States.

Mass Protests Spread Across the USA, Unexpectedly Affecting Businesses Like Apple

Mass protests over the death of George Floyd continue in the US. Although police officer Derek Chauvin, who is suspected of killing George Floyd, has already been arrested, protestants are looting in Louis Vuitton and Gucci stores and steal iPhones and Mercedes cars.

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