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Los Angeles Authorities Cut off Electricity to TikTokers

Mayor of Los Angeles authorized the city to shut off utilities to a Hollywood Hills home that is rented by three TikTokers, where large parties were hosted despite the COVID-19 quarantine and Safer at Home orders.

XPrize Launches $5 Million Rapid COVID Testing Competition to Accelerate Safe Return to Everyday Life

XPrize wants to make COVID-19 testing faster, cheaper, and more accessible. That's why XPrize cooperated with OpenCovidScreen to launch a $5 million Rapid COVID Testing competition to solve this problem.

How to Stay Safe in Swimming Pools and Fitness Centers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Some countries are gradually easing quarantine restrictions: fitness clubs, spas, and swimming pools and finally opening again. We will tell you how to safely return to the gym in the new environment.

Iceland Invites You to Scream After the Coronavirus Quarantine Is Over

Iceland launched a screaming campaign for tourists to attract them to visit Iceland landscapes and relieve stress during the coronavirus pandemic.

10 Best Concerts to Watch on YouTube in Quarantine: From Pop Music Legends to Rock Stars

This article is for those who love live concerts with all their heart but have to put up with the rules dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This list will tell you about 10 best concert performances by kings and queens of music.

China: A Case of Bubonic Plague Is Suspected in Inner Mongolia

Initially, the emergence of bubonic plague was reported in the west of Mongolia. It was there that two cases of the disease were registered. The authorities quickly realized the importance of the situation and imposed quarantine.

Music for Working From Home: Apple Music and Spotify Playlists

Concentrating on work when you have to stay at home may be far too difficult, especially if your family or relatives are around. Listening to pleasant music can help, though, that’s why we chose some of the best playlists for you.

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