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4 Hot Summer Movies to Watch

Dreaming of summer vacation and carefree days may make you sad, so to make this process more pleasant, we prepared a list of four films for your summer inspiration.

8 Best Short At-Home Workouts: It’s Time to Get Your Buns off the Couch

Staying active and moving around can be a tricky thing to do when you have to stay at home all the time, so we prepared a bunch of workouts that will keep you fit and healthy this summer.

Weekly Fun: Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Candle, a Church That Looks Like a Bar, and the Office Intro With Dogs

This week’s stories feature the intro to The Office but with dogs as actors, Star Wars Ewoks without fur, and a cat that fell in love with cardboard Danny de Vito.

How to Stay Active This Summer While Staying at Home

Even if gyms or swimming pools are now open where you live, there are still days you will spend at home. For example, hot or rainy ones. In this article, find tips on maintaining a healthy level of activity even when you stay at home and self-isolate.

8 Games to Play With Friends Online in Quarantine

Online bars are great, but we decided to show you an alternative way to brighten up monotonous video chatting – games. Here’s a list of the most convenient and exciting games that you can play with your friends during your next online video gathering in Zoom.

How to Feel the Taste of Traveling Without Leaving Home

How to overcome the great frustration and feast on your favorite foreign dish even in quarantine? Read about how to taste the spirit of travels without consequences in the form of a fine for violating quarantine in our article.

Online Walking in the Rain Without Leaving Home

Take a walk in the rainy city without getting up off the couch. No wetness, humidity, and darkness – only the pleasure of strolling along the streets.

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