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Weekly Fun: Wild Goats Taking Over a Town, a Guy Dressed up as a Bush, and Face Masks with a Vulva Design

This week’s stories feature wild goats taking over a town, a guy dressed up as a bush, face masks with a vulva design, and ways of how to make it look like you’re working when you are actually not.

The 65 Best Netflix Series: The Most Excellent and Detailed Guide on the Internet

We’ve prepared a detailed guide to the most entertaining and exciting Netflix projects that are worth watching on another quarantine day.

35 Museum to Visit Without Leaving Home

The world’s greatest museums have digitized their collections and are inviting visitors for 360-degree overviews, broadcasts of their main exhibitions, and thematic conferences.

GitHub Users Are Experiencing Connectivity Problems

At the moment, a lot of GitHub users around the world are faced with a connectivity problem.

Top 10 Countries with the Most Severe Punishments for Violating COVID-19 Quarantine

Countries that faced a threat of the rapid spread of coronavirus decided to fight malicious violators of quarantine by means of fines and arrests.

Weekly Fun: Toilet Paper Poker, Home Treadmill DIY, Covidiots, and Dogs Working from Home

In this Weekly Fun, we’ll tell you about how dogs work from home, an unusual compliment of a chef from Minnesota, and a robotic mouth that reads prayers.

Due to Coronavirus Lockdown, BrewDog Will Open Its Online Pubs

The famous British pub chain BrewDog will open the virtual doors of its online pub today to let people keep in touch amid the coronavirus lockdown.