This article is for those who love live concerts with all their heart but have to put up with the rules dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This list will tell you about 10 best concert performances by kings and queens of music that you can easily watch on YouTube on a hot summer evening.

1. The Beatles (The roof of the house in central London, 1969)

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, along with keyboardist Billy Preston, gave a 42-minute performance on the roof of the Apple Corps building in central London. To the great sorrow of fans, it was the last performance in the group's history. Not everything was recorded in one take (it took three takes to record Get Back), but the final result is fascinating.

2. Queen (London, 1986)

The concert at Wembley Stadium in July 1986 is the main performance in the history of rock music. When playing as part of a charity festival to raise funds for the victims of hunger in Ethiopia, Queen were at the peak of their fame.

3. Michael Jackson (Bucharest, 1992)

Michael Jackson's performance in Bucharest was part of the Dangerous World tour in support of his 8th studio album, which went platinum 7 times in the US. Michael was a hit even before the first allegations of sexual harassment.

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4. Madonna (French Riviera, 1990)

In 1990, Madonna decided to play big. The Queen released a provocative video on the song Like a Prayer, mixing themes of religion and sexuality, and then organized a mega tour. Madonna sang that same Like a Prayer with a cross dangling on her chest in an improvised cathedral. She performed Material Girl in curlers, and during the Like a Virgin song, she pretended to be masturbating. That's why she is the Queen – because she’s allowed everything.

5. Nirvana (Seattle, 1991)

Nirvana’s performance on the stage of the Paramount Theater on October 31, 1991, took place just a few weeks after the release of the legendary Nevermind album.

6. 2Pac (Los Angeles, 1996)

An hour and a half from Tupac Shakur in the Los Angeles House of Blues concert hall are considered the best performance of one of the greatest rappers in history.

7. Radiohead (Lollapalooza, Chicago, 2016)

The performance at the Chicago Lollapalooza Festival is a performance in the best tradition of the legendary band.

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8. David Bowie (Glastonbury, 2000)

In 2000, the English NME (New Musical Express) magazine recognized David Bowie as the most influential musician of the century. And in the same 2000, a prominent musician pleased his compatriots with an excellent performance at Glastonbury.

9. Metallica (Moscow, 1991)

This one is the first concert of the legendary American rockers in the USSR. “The helicopter approached and yelled at people like ‘Stop!’. They were doing moshpit or going crazy, but they didn’t know what that was,” remembered Metallica frontman James Hetfield. "They thought they were fighting. It is a communist country: ‘People are becoming disoriented. This is a chaos!'”.

10. Beyoncé (Glastonbury, 2011)

Beyoncé always wanted to become a rock star. And it is worth acknowledging that while being a pop star, she did everything to look natural at the fateful British fest.