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A bunch of quizzes a day is believed to keep a bad mood away! At The Internet Protocol, we strive to make sure you are gladsome and well entertained, that is why we come up with witty and amusing and mood-boosting trivia quizzes regularly. Binging on them has never been that easy. Simply choose the topic that resonates with you the most and take a deep dive into the world of multiple-choice brain teasers!

Quiz: Which Movie Character Could You Play?

Each of us has some traits that would allow us to play one of the iconic movie heroes. Take our movie quiz and find out in which genre you would look best!

Quiz: What Do Your Co-Workers Think of You?

We spend a significant part of our life at work, but we all behave differently in the office, so conflicts may sometimes arise. If the atmosphere in the office is tense, you don't want to do anything. Let's check what your workmates think of you in our quiz!

Quiz: Do You Have Too Much Stuff?

Have you ever moved house? If so, then you understand this pain: piles of old clothes, furniture, non-working electronic devices, and books appear out of nowhere. Are you a hoarder who has too much stuff? Let’s check with our quiz!

Quiz: How Old Is Your Personality?

People under 35 are still considered young. But does your real age coincide with how young you feel? Let's check if your psychological age equals your chronological age. Take our quiz and find out how old you really are.

Quiz: How Well Do You Remember These Classic Disney Movies?

A simple quiz about characters from popular cartoons. If you are over 9 years old, you’ve definitely seen all of them, and perhaps not even once! Therefore, it will be easy for you to pass this quiz. Or won’t it?

Quiz: Which Leonardo DiCaprio Is Your Boyfriend?

Take our quiz and find out which of the popular on-screen heroes of Leonardo DiCaprio is more suitable for you as a boyfriend!

Quiz: Can You Guess the Movie Based on an Outfit?

Do you love cinema the way we do? This question is easy to answer – just try to pass our movie quiz. It's simple: you see clothes from famous films and TV series, and you have to guess which movie they are from.

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