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Razer is the world’s leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software, and systems. Razer products are generally targeted at gamers and include gaming laptops, tablets, audio devices, keyboards, mouse mats, gamepads etc. However, Razer also designed its own phone – the Razer Phone.

Razer Unveils the World's First Prepaid Card That Lights up on Payment

Razer teamed up with Visa to unveil the Razer Card, a credit card with cashback and useful gamers features.

Razer Produces Chewing Gum for Gaming

The gaming accessory maker has co-branded 5 Gum with Wrigley. According to Razer, the gaming gum should help gamers increase concentration and their speed of reaction during playing.

Razer Reveals New Wireless Pikachu Earbuds in a Pokéball Charging Case

Razer has officially announced the new Pikachu True Wireless Earbuds. It resembles yellow AirPods with an emblem of Pikachu on the back, but the charging case is made in the form of a Pokéball and opens by pressing a button.

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