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How to Keep Your Office Employees Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A lot of employees now have an opportunity to work from home. But what about those involved in essential processes who simply cannot work remotely? In this article, read about how to organize work within the office and keep employees safe.

Skype vs. Zoom: Which Video Conferencing Platform Is Better?

We need Zoom and Skype for video communication like video conferences, webinars, and video chats with many participants. But what is the difference between these two platforms, really? Let’s try to figure this out in our article.

How to Create a Cozy Workable Home Office: From Furniture to Small Details

The coronavirus pandemic made a lot of people move from noisy open space offices to their homes. To create a comfortable home office, you may need to go through a checklist of things necessary to make it feel suitable for productive work from home.

Do Weekends During Quarantine Lockdowns Exist?

Those who had to switch to remote work felt all the pain of freelancing, that is when you don’t understand whether you have any personal time while you are working 24/7. So, is there still such a thing as a weekend in quarantine?

Twitter CEO Says Some Employees Can Work From Home Forever

Some of the tech giant’s employees may never get back to the offices and will work from home indefinitely. Twitter said that the past few months “have proven we can make that work.”

Google Tells the Majority of Its Employees to Work from Home Until 2021

Google is extending the company’s work-from-home policy until 2021 in an effort to protect its employees from the coronavirus infection.

Facebook Will Let Its Employees Work Remotely Until the End of 2020

Facebook employees that can go on with their work at home will have an opportunity to do so until the end of this year, while some of them will be able to get back to the offices once they re-open.

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