Google is implementing stricter measures regarding remote work and has announced that it will monitor in-office attendance as part of its updated policies.

According to CNBC, in an email sent to staff by Google's Chief People Officer, Fiona Cicconi, she emphasized that "there is no substitute for coming together in person."

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Previously, since April 2022, employees were expected to be in the office three days a week, but attendance was not closely monitored. Now, attendance will be factored into performance reviews.

The email stated that the company will consider individual circumstances for absences, but employees who frequently miss in-office work will receive reminders.

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Cicconi also addressed those who have been granted permission to work remotely but live near a Google office. She advised considering a switch to the hybrid work format, as being present in the office allows for a better sense of unity within the Google community.

Tighter regulations for its hybrid work format are attributed to the "AI race" in which Google competes with Microsoft and aims to reduce information leaks.

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And overall, this shift reflects a changing perspective on remote work among major tech companies.