Microsoft has launched Microsoft Mesh, a platform designed to foster deeper human connections in virtual spaces within its popular collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams. At a time when many companies are encouraging their employees to return to physical offices, Microsoft is offering an alternative approach. With Microsoft Mesh, avatars representing employees can gather in virtual environments, enabling a new dimension of collaborative work.

Microsoft Mesh has already undergone testing in collaboration with companies such as Accenture and Takeda. According to Leo Barella, Chief Technology Officer at Takeda, Mesh has made their meetings "more collaborative and immersive."

The platform offers a variety of customizable spaces, ranging from informative videos to branded environments, all without requiring any coding. Powered by Unity, Mesh provides a versatile virtual world where organizations can create their own unique spaces.

As companies continue to navigate the changing landscape of work, platforms like Microsoft Mesh offer innovative solutions to create more immersive and engaging virtual environments, ensuring that the human element remains at the heart of the evolving workplace.

Currently available on desktop PCs and Meta Quest VR devices, Microsoft is offering a free trial of Mesh for businesses and corporate plans.