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Sins are meant to teach us. The very moment we commit a sin, our consciousness awakes, uncovering the darkest sides of our souls. Everyone has them, but not everyone is ready to face them. This category can help you gain an insight into complex social issues. The Internet Protocol team doesn’t strive to air any dirty laundry or discuss global matters which are better be left unspoken. We wish to highlight events that have a strong social impact and stimulate a wave of positive changes.

"Angels" Have Been Suffering for Decades: Misogyny and Harassment Inside the World of Victoria's Secret

Due to all sex scandals, the company's shares fell by 75%. Top managers of the company tried to get rid of the brand’s "porno" image, but met the resistance, and some were forced to leave the company.

We Have 1 Minute and 40 Seconds Left Until the Doomsday

The Doomsday Clock shows the level of global tension. Midnight marks the man-made global catastrophe. Why do we all only have 100 seconds left and how did Trump bank up the fire? Check out our article to find out.

Paradise Seychelles Islands Are Poisoned with the Heroin Epidemic

The anti-drug agency uses methadone to fight with drug addiction and prevent the criminalization of this problem.

Artificial Intelligence Saves Lives. 700 Suicides Were Prevented in China

AI algorithm can detect the psychological state of users and support the depressed ones.

What Are Incels, What Do They Have Against Women, and What Does It All Have to Do With Joker?

The world became aware of the term “incel” twenty years ago. The term was initially used to describe the community of people who couldn’t find themselves a partner. Nowadays the phrase has an exceptionally negative connotation.

"I’m an Imposter" or the Syndrome of Unhealthy Perfectionist

Spoiler alert: Do something, you lazy-ass. Imposter or softie? Decide who you are!

Wounds of Winners Heal Faster than the Wounds of Defeated

It's incredible how much processes in our body depends on hormonal balance. There is an opinion supported by several studies that some people naturally have a reduced level of endorphins production, or so-called "feel-good chemicals". As a rule, such people tend to be addicted to alcohol,

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