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Sins are meant to teach us. The very moment we commit a sin, our consciousness awakes, uncovering the darkest sides of our souls. Everyone has them, but not everyone is ready to face them. This category can help you gain an insight into complex social issues. The Internet Protocol team doesn’t strive to air any dirty laundry or discuss global matters which are better be left unspoken. We wish to highlight events that have a strong social impact and stimulate a wave of positive changes.

Amazon Dating: Buy Yourself a Partner. *Friday Discounts May Apply

Amazon Dating is a site where single people can buy themselves a soulmate, sometimes even at a discount and with home delivery. You can also put yourself up for sale.

Unexpected Things That Can Affect Your Libido: Valentine’s Day Special

Turns out, it’s not necessary to perform occult rituals or eat bull testicles to boost one’s libido. There are much more pleasant and exciting ways to do that.

The Most Unbelievable Pieces of Sex-Related Advice from Celebrities

Stars imagine themselves to be gurus of all spheres of life and give advice on the most intimate topics. Such pieces of advice are rarely distinguished by adequacy, though.

"Angels" Have Been Suffering for Decades: Misogyny and Harassment Inside the World of Victoria's Secret

Due to all sex scandals, the company's shares fell by 75%. Top managers of the company tried to get rid of the brand’s "porno" image, but met the resistance, and some were forced to leave the company.

We Have 1 Minute and 40 Seconds Left Until the Doomsday

The Doomsday Clock shows the level of global tension. Midnight marks the man-made global catastrophe. Why do we all only have 100 seconds left and how did Trump bank up the fire? Check out our article to find out.

The Weirdest Christian Tradition and What Does It Have to Do With Children, Cigarettes, and Epiphany

The weirdest nicotine Christian tradition. No one in the small village of Vale de Salgueiro, Portugal, knows where it came from, but everyone adheres it vigorously.

How the Adult Industry Uses Cryptocurrency: Part 2

Cryptocurrency has firmly entrenched ordinary people’s everyday lives. You can pay with it and enjoy it both mentally and physically.