Spoiler alert: Do something, you lazy-ass.

Ten years ago nobody would’ve even thought that it’d be possible to earn money simply by taking pretty pics of croissants, generously "sprinkling" them with some filters and posting these mobile photography masterpieces to Instagram. Sounds odd? That’s the reality we live in!

We believe that we have to continually burn the candle on both ends from AM to the PM to make good money. And don’t forget to get a part-time job on the weekends, too. Success is never guaranteed, though.

Being caught in a hysterical whirl of "desperate" housewives on their maternity leaves making reviews on diapers in their Instagram in the privacy of their homes, collaborating with huge brands and earning a hell lot of money, you unwittingly catch yourself thinking "not good enough for that?" I have some ideas, a phone with a camera in my hand, $1-all-photo-filters-in-the-world-subscription is all mine… and still nothing. The feeling that all the places are already taken and someone certainly does it better is always there. Besides, the filters seem like a shitty idea as well.

How to recognize an Imposter?

  • Having doubts about everything! One’s strengths, skills, and experience.
  • "Why try when someone is always better?"
  • The fear of change.
  • Obsessive thought like "I don’t deserve it" and "She’ll surely find another one like me."

We are not born imposters, and we do not become ones for no reason. We become ones because of unhealthy perfectionism and overreacting to our own mistakes and failures. Jeez, where an imposter is experiencing a small misstep, there’s always a tragedy. Come on, guys, just give him an Oscar already. Forget about enjoying the results. This person still has a creeping line in the eyes saying "I could do better."

How can it be cured? Praise yourself. As simple as that. Praise yourself for every small step until it becomes a reflex. No one has the right to depreciate what you do. Moreover, no one will if your confidence is unswerving.