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Skype is a telecommunications app developed by Microsoft that specializes in providing free online calls, messaging, affordable international calling to mobiles or landlines. Users may share text, video, audio, and images via Skype.

Skype vs. Zoom: Which Video Conferencing Platform Is Better?

We need Zoom and Skype for video communication like video conferences, webinars, and video chats with many participants. But what is the difference between these two platforms, really? Let’s try to figure this out in our article.

Microsoft and Google Adopted Some of Zoom Features

Due to the high popularity of Zoom, Microsoft and Google have become more active. Both giant companies introduced features that you may find familiar if you have ever used Zoom.

Microsoft Now Reviews Skype and Cortana Audio Data in “Secure Facilities”

An interview with the former employee follows a summer report that revealed the fact that Microsoft hired third-party contractors who listened to Skype and Cortana voice recordings with “no security measures.”

A Popular ToTok Messenger Turned out to Be a Tool for Government to Spy on People

ToTok, a chat app that has millions of users in the United Arab Emirates and around the world, turned out to be a tool that allows the government to spy on its users.

The New iOS Update Will Allow Siri to Automatically Use Other Messengers Other Than iMessage

The new iOS update will make Siri able to default other messengers besides iMessage. The voice assistant will choose the appropriate app based on your previous interactions with contacts.

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