We need Zoom and Skype for video communication. For example, for creating video conferences, webinars, and video chats with many participants. But what is the difference between these two platforms, really? And when is it better to use each of them? Let’s try to figure this out in our article.

Skype: For calls and communication with people your keep in touch with

For over 15 years, Skype has been one of the most popular video chat services in the world and, what is important, it works on most devices. But is it suitable for remote work and video conferencing? Let’s see.

  • You can use Skype as a messenger and to call your contacts. The calls are free, but if you decide to use Skype to call mobile and landline phones, you will have to buy a subscription.
  • To start using Skype, you need to create an account on the platform itself or use a Microsoft account with an associated email address or phone number. Contacts that you plan to communicate with via Skype need to go through a similar registration.
  • With Skype, you can hold video conferences with up to 50 participants. To do this, you need to click the “Meet Now” button on the left side of the interface and share the link to the created conference with the needed contacts. Conferenced cannot be scheduled in advance.

Conclusion: Skype will be useful if you regularly communicate with the same people from your contact list.

Zoom: For business meetings

We found out that Skype is useful for regular contacts with the same people. If you need a tool for professional purposes, we advise you to switch to Microsoft Teams, Skype’s successor suitable for businesses, or use an alternative platform – Zoom.

  • What is Zoom? It’s a tool for video conferencing and online meetings. It has a web version that works in a browser as well as apps for smartphones and desktops.
  • Any person who receives a link to a meeting can join it without prior registration. No accounts as in Skype are required here. Well, only if you want and choose to create one. Simply enter your name to display it in the general chat and the password for the conference room (if any).
  • In the free Zoom package, you can create conferences for up to 100 participants and hold video chats for up to 40 minutes. During the coronavirus pandemic, this restriction was removed. Zoom also offers additional features in paid subscription plans.

Conclusion: Zoom is suitable for people who want to hold video conferences with a large number of people at once. If the conference participants regularly change or disconnect and join, it is convenient to use Zoom Link to invite new people to join the conference room without registering.

Important: Skype is safer than Zoom.

It turned out that Zoom’s security system has a lot of vulnerabilities that make it possible for attackers to gain access to personal data of users. Therefore, if you need to organize an important meeting, it is better to use a more reliable Skype.