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Steam is a video game digital distribution service created by Valve Corporation and launched in 2003. It is a gaming community where players and game developers can buy and sell video games online.

Valve Decided to Make Steam Game Festival a Regular Event

After reviewing feedback from gamers and developers, Valve decided to make the Steam Game Festival a regular event. After the fall festival, the next events will take place in February and June 2021.

The Top 10 Best Free Games on Steam

The Steam online platform offers not only a plethora of paid games, but also numerous free-to-play games that are quite decent rivals to their paid competitors, and sometimes even surpass them with quality and fun features.

The Main Announcements From the EA Play Live 2020 Press Conference

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and protests in the USA, Electronic Arts held a conference called EA Play Live 2020 online yesterday at 7 PM ET.

The New Mod for Half-Life: Alyx That Allows You to Play Without a VR Headset Was Introduced

The recently released Half-Life: Alyx game was initially intended only for VR headsets. Now, one modder released a modification for the new Valve game, which allows you to play without a VR headset.

Steam Hit Its New Record: 24.5 Million Concurrent Users During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The number of Steam concurrent users has increased significantly since the beginning of this year. Quarantine caused by the coronavirus outbreak locked everyone at home and thus contributed to such success.

The Introduction of Half-Life: Alyx, the Major VR Adventure Game

Valve has finally released Half-Life: Alyx, the first Half-Life game in almost 15 years that will only be playable in virtual reality.

The Most Realistic Simulation of the Presidential Race: The US Presidential Candidate Strikes Back

If you haven’t played fighting games for a long time, feel free to try the new Andrew Yang video game where he crushes his opponents down with incredible hooks.

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