Valve's gaming platform, Steam, is marking its 20th birthday with a bang. In honor of this milestone, Valve has temporarily revamped the Steam homepage, dedicating a separate page to recounting the platform's evolution since its inception.

Steam was initially launched on September 12, 2003, and has since become a powerhouse in the gaming industry. To celebrate this journey, Valve is offering insights into Steam's top releases each year, and many of these games were available at reduced prices.

Steam Desktop Client Gets a Major Interface Redesign
One of the key highlights of the update is the improvement of the notifications tab. It now displays new notifications, ensuring a clutter-free experience, and offers customizable settings to control where and how notifications appear.

Steam's success is largely attributed to its global community of players and developers who have contributed to its growth over the years. As Steam turns 20, it continues to serve as a go-to platform for gamers and game developers alike.