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A Teen NASA Intern Unexpectedly Discovers a New Exoplanet

On the third day of his summer internship, Cukier spotted a circumbinary celestial object – a planet that orbits two stars.

Happy Holidays From Space! NASA Astronaut Celebrates Hanukkah in Festive Socks

NASA astronaut Jessica Meir showed colorful Hanukkah socks on the International Space Station on the first night of Hanukkah.

Time to Celebrate National Ugly Sweater Day

What is an ugly sweater party, and why does your party outfit have to be “unattractive”?

Tinder, Dude, Is the Whole Thing a Setup?

The most popular app for dating has launched its interactive series called Swipe Night. The user can change the course of events by swiping. Each episode lasts for only 5 minutes.

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