A TV series in which one can conceal a character’s cheating. Sounds intriguing! Except the users’ choices are displayed in their profile…

...and our pal Tinder forgot to warn us about it. The most popular app for dating has launched its interactive series called Swipe Night. The user can change the course of events by swiping. Each episode lasts for only 5 minutes and is available for USA residents only.

What’s the whole point of the first episode of the Swipe Night? The series is about a bunch of young people and a comet that is approaching the Earth. The viewer sees everything from the perspective of the main character, who comes to his friend Molly’s party. The viewer is immediately offered to make a choice whether to compliment the owner of the house or to insult her. One can make the decision by simply swiping, and there are only a few seconds to make it. Otherwise, the app will make a choice for you. Well, moreover, according to the plot, the user will need to make the main decision of whether to conceal the cheating of one’s friend or to tell his girlfriend about it. After you’ve watched the series, there’s a pop-up appearing in your profile that informs about the choice you’ve made on Swipe Night. Nobody has warned us about it, though.

Here’s what some of the users think of the Swipe Night: