An ugly sweater is pretty much any Christmas themed sweater that just has to be absolutely tacky. The ground rule here is the more glitter, decorations, and Christmas symbols your sweater has – the better.

In Canada, they even celebrate National Ugly Sweater Day. On this day, ecologists encourage the residents of Canada and other cold countries to wear an extra sweater but lower the temperature at their home. After all, energy saving is one of the most crucial tasks we need to carry out to save our common home – the Earth. Actually, though, the idea of ugly sweaters has become frequently used at parties. The point is pretty simple: the uglier your sweater is, the more at ease you are and ready to open up like it’s your last time.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

There’s even a special contest in which the ugliest sweater wins. And if you think that your granny used to knit the most terrible and itchy ones for you, you are sorely mistaken because your sweater won’t even get into the semi-finals. Earlier, the ugly sweater party was merely students’ thing.
Now, however, a lot of large companies celebrate this day, too. Everyone – from the ordinary manager to the C-level employees – wears a dorky sweater.

There are scripts for such parties and even rules for entertaining games. In some companies, by the way, the prize fund can exceed the two-month salary of a top manager, and anyone can win. Moreover, in the USA, you can be treated to a free coffee for wearing this eccentric piece of clothing.

In one American town, a granny named Fran used to knit exactly this kind of sweaters. The whole family used to put those “desired gifts” into a big trunk. It all turned out to be a good legacy. Once upon a time, the enterprising grandchildren decided to sell those sweaters on eBay. They provided the description of a story about the most kindhearted granny who used to knit the sweaters will love and faith in her heart. At first, the “merchant” grandchildren just wanted to have fun, but then they actually stroke it rich.

Oh, and there are so many movies where you can notice the deer sweater! For instance, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989), Dumb & Dumber (1994), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), and many more.

At Madame Tussauds wax museum back in 2016, the entire Royal family was dressed in such Christmas sweaters, even their favorite corgi.

Yesterday Britain joyfully celebrated this fun holiday.