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Apple’s Latest Acquisition Is a UK-Based Startup Company Called Spectral Edge

Apple has acquired a Cambridge-based startup called Spectral Edge. Its technology may well improve the quality of photos taken on iPhones.

Apple Changed Siri Settings in iOS 13.2 to Enhance Confidentiality of Users

iOS 13.2 version is ready to be installed. Who will process your voice requests this time?

Apple Launched the New-Gen AirPods Pro. What's in the Pro?

You can dive into the world of sounds of your favorite music or mix it with the sounds of life around you. AirPods became Pro!

Trade War Timelines. Apple Attained the Import Tariff Lowering

The tariff canceling broke the ice between U.S. Representatives and computer makers. The officials satisfied some exemption requests for Apple Inc. and small computer traders.

Congress of the USA Requires to Present Correspondence of the Big Tech Senior Staff

The Big Tech Antitrust Investigation goes on. Congress insists on open competition and transparent business dealing.

NASDAQ Report After Apple's September 10 Product Release

Apple Is on a roll again? Capitalization of Apple company in digits.

Trump and Cook Friday Meeting: Trade War, Tariffs, and Samsung

“It’s tough for Apple to pay tariffs if it’s competing with a very good company that’s not,” noted Trump. What does it mean? Did Donald Trump refuse to cancel tariff for Apple?