In the latest iOS update, Apple paid attention to the privacy matter, enabling users to delete commands they record for Siri assistant.

Recalling that there was a privacy breach in Siri functioning, and The Guardian reported about that, demanding explanations. As Apple used third-party contractors who listened and analyzed voice requests, thus the details of private life leaked.

Apple decided to take care of this in iOS 13.2 and offered improvements. In case you’re up to install the new OS version, the system will ask you if you want to store and keep all the voice requests on servers. In the Privacy section of Settings app user can delete the request history at all or press the blue button “Share Audio Recordings” making data available for a specified period.

Apple reserves the right to review audio records, admitting that the system would track neither Apple ID nor the phone number as the random identifier scans only the device type.

Also, Apple launched the “grading” program for studying the needs of users. And each customer can elect whether to agree with data gathering or not.
After the August privacy trouble, Apple apologized to its users and added the latest improvements eliminating contractor’s participation. Now only the Apple team will process audio samples randomly.