Apple has announced that the new AirPods Pro headphones are coming at the end of October.

The Cupertino giant shared the details of wireless earbuds upgrade including an active noise-cancelling feature, an improved sound in the refurbished case, and slightly changed design.

Grab the list:

  1. Soft, flexible silicone tips of three sizes, providing a personalized, comfortable fit following the geometry of the user's ear.

  2. Noise suppression was another essential point; thereby, earbuds are equipped with two microphones and the software to eliminate the background sounds and obtaining the superior noise cancellation.

  3. An innovative ventilation system is balancing the external and internal pressures, minimizing the discomfort inherent to similar devices.

  4. AirPods Pro is resistant to sweat and water, making them perfect for an active lifestyle.

  5. The "transparent mode" allows enjoying favorite tracks and the environment sounds as well. The sensor for switching modes is located on the case.

  6. The immersive sound was fetched up by an adaptive equalizer that automatically adjusts low and middle audio frequencies. The wide dynamic range in the adjustable amplifier delivers clean sound. AirPods Pro can play deep bass sounds up to 20 Hz along with high and middle audio frequencies.

  7. And finally, Apple earbuds Pro has H1 chip and 10 cores thanks to which user gets the 3.5 hours of non-charging phone talks and 4.5 hours of music streaming.

  8. AirPods Pro case supports Lightning port and the certified Qi charging stations.

  9. How much? Apple Store will sell the new audio assistant for $249.

Interested? Are you ready to update your old AirPods?