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Twitter Increases the Tweet Editing Window to One Hour for Blue Subscribers

The recent increase in the tweet editing window is aimed at enhancing user experience and allowing more flexibility in post updates. Twitter continues to explore new ways to improve its platform and provide added value to its subscribers.

Elon Musk Welcomes Twitter Blue's New Feature Allowing Two-Hour Video Uploads

This update significantly enhances Twitter's user experience, particularly for Twitter Blue subscribers. With the ability to upload longer videos, users have a richer platform for expression, allowing for more nuanced and comprehensive storytelling.

Twitter Is Rebranding Its Super Follows Feature as Subscriptions

Subscriptions are currently only available in the United States for select users who meet the minimum eligibility criteria of being 18 or older, having at least 10K followers, and having tweeted at least 25 times over the last 30 days.

Twitter Blue Subscribers Can Now Write 4,000-Character Tweets

Paid Twitter Blue subscribers can now create tweets of up to 4,000 characters long instead of the previous 280-character limit. As of now, the new feature is available in the United States only.

Twitter Introduced NFT Profile Pictures on iOS

The feature is currently available for iOS users with an active Twitter Blue subscription, which costs $2.99 per month and is now available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

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