Twitter announced the launch of a new feature that will allow premium users to add NFTs from their collection as their profile pics. The feature is currently available for iOS users with an active Twitter Blue subscription, which costs $2.99 per month and is currently available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

An NFT token is a blockchain-based certificate that confirms the ownership of digital art. Unlike most digital currencies, NFTs are not fungible. That is, each token is a unique digital asset.

NFT profile pictures will differ from regular profile pics since they will be hexagon-shaped, not round like the usual ones.

In order to set an NFT as their profile pic, a user will need to connect their crypto wallet to their Twitter account and select the image they need from the NFT gallery. If the user tries to set a screenshot of an NFT not linked to the blockchain as a profile image, it will be round.

There are now six crypto wallets one can connect:

  1. Argent
  2. Coinbase Wallet
  3. Ledger Live
  4. MetaMask
  5. Rainbow
  6. Trust Wallet
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Non-fungible tokens act as a certificate of authenticity for digital objects such as GIF, JPEG, MP3, or other digital art forms. Over the past month, people have spent over $1 billion on digital assets.

The NFT profile pictures will be clickable – once you click on them, you'll get info on the NFT's creator as well as its description.

Meanwhile, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already criticized the new feature in a tweet:

Like other technology companies, Twitter is quick to capitalize on cryptocurrency trends such as NFTs. In 2021, NFT sales reached about $25 billion.