Twitter has extended the tweet editing time from 30 minutes to one hour, but this feature is exclusively available to Twitter Blue subscribers. When the editing functionality was first rolled out, the company said that users would be able to modify their tweets five times within the time limit.

Previously, users had a 30-minute window to edit their tweets after posting. However, it only applied to original tweets and not replies. Users can view the edit history of a given tweet by clicking on the editing icon.

The Twitter Blue subscription itself costs $7.99 per month and provides subscribers with a blue checkmark icon and the ability to edit tweets. Additionally, Blue subscribers can use bold and italic fonts, upload longer videos up to two hours in duration, and write posts with up to 10,000 characters.

Twitter Blue’s New Feature Allows Two-Hour Video Uploads
This update significantly enhances Twitter’s user experience, particularly for Twitter Blue subscribers. With the ability to upload longer videos, users have a richer platform for expression, allowing for more nuanced and comprehensive storytelling.

The recent increase in the tweet editing window is aimed at enhancing user experience and allowing more flexibility in post updates. Twitter continues to explore new ways to improve its platform and provide added value to its subscribers.