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Uber is a ridesharing company founded in 2009 that is now based in San Francisco. The Uber app is available in more than 700 cities around the world and offers safe and convenient taxi services. Uber also provides job opportunities for drivers who can sign up through the app and start taking orders. Uber is currently valued at over $83 billion.

Uber to Reportedly Lay off 200 Employees From Its Recruitment Division

Earlier this year, the company laid off 150 employees from its freight services division, Uber Freight. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Uber has reduced its workforce by 17%.

Uber Partners Up with Adomni to Bring Ads on Top of Its Vehicles

Uber will even create a new business unit called Uber OOH (which stands for Out of House) powered by Adomni partnership.

Uber Will Collaborate with Joby Aviation to Launch an Air Taxi Service in 2023

Joby Aviation is the first company in the Uber Elevate initiative that committed to Uber’s challenging plans to launch air taxi services by 2023.

Lyft Blocks Accounts with “Inappropriate” Surnames

As they say, “they tried their best, you know the rest…” Lyft is an example. Most of its users are blocked because of their censored last names.

Uber to Start Recording Audio During Rides

At a recent São Paulo event, Uber has announced its plans to test a new audio-recording feature that is supposed to increase security.

Audi Deemed the Development of Flying Taxi as an Impossible Task and Shut It Down

The company had delayed the development of the project with Airbus as it can fall short of endeavour.

Facebook Announced the New Cryptocurrency Issue — Libra and Its Virtual Wallet

Rumours turn into reality! Facebook announced the new cryptocurrency and its virtual wallet.

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